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Julia Evans writing is powerful, raw, and inspiring. Her story shocks, touches, and delights the reader. While her experiences are unique, her writing is accessible, drawing you into her story and her family, whilst allowing the reader to find connection with her pain, grief, her joy and her desire to speak up and be seen. 


Julia is a natural caregiver. She brings empathy and passion for holistic healing to her BodyTalk practice. Following a session with Julia, a variety of emotions can be felt, including rejuvenation, peace, and encouragement to look within to heal old or fresh wounds. Julia genuinely and passionately cares for those in all facets of her life, whether a reader, a client, a colleague, a family member or a friend. She encourages others to be true to themselves, to not hide behind masks or the world’s expectations of them and believes in women raising up other women. Purchase her book or book a session today!

Christina Darrigan Skinner, M.Sc, B.Sc

Julia’s strength, determination and courage is incredibly inspiring. She is the essence of transformation. She gives people hope and the courage to reach out to others and to stop into the light from the depths of the abyss. Julia is the definition of a LEADER. One who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. Thank you for showing us that stipping away all our layers allows us to be able to become the best version of ourselves. I am so grateful you came back to us as the universe needs more beautiful souls like you in it.

Mrs. Julia Evans....


A woman I have known the majority of our lives since we were kids. Someone who since the very first time I met her lights up the room wherever she goes. A woman who always pushed the boundaries. I have watched her develop into a successful, loving woman with an amazing life and family.


Along with the challenges of life, Julia is no stranger to the uphill battles sometimes given to us to test us, and with those tests given to us, Julia rises above each one to a new plain.


Her evolution into becoming the Lily Nurse came at the cost of almost losing her life, being then introduced to a world beyond this physical plain. Her biggest challenge yet.


Now along with the support of the loved ones around her, she is elevating to these new heights, Learning the balance between this new higher plain, while staying humble, and now spreading her glow to be able to help others find their higher selves as well.

Jon Ganshorn

Julia shares her story of her near-death experience, the magic she encountered, the rise from the ashes and the newly birthed version of herself! This is a must to add to your library! Be prepared to be touched and in awe!

Kelly Paidel, CCA

Seriously!! I couldn’t put it down. Thank You! For putting pen to paper and allowing your readers to embark on your journey with you! What an emotional read and journey you took. Such a great story!

Shannon Koch, Paramedic, Edcucatory and Busy Mom

Simply Amazing! If you want to hear a story about perseverance, courage, true love, dedication, discovery, family and strength, buy this book!

The author shares her incredible story with powerful descriptions and chronicles her journey of self-discovery in a way that makes the reader feel he/she is along for the ride. Many themes in the book resonated with me and it was difficult to put down. Reading Julia’s story is an emotional experience with both highs and lows, but what the book leaves you with is a deeper understanding of the power of self, family and love.

Darcie Noyes

This book is pure truth that we do have the power and ability to heal ourselves and each other if we just believe. Julia Is living proof of that. Mind Blowing, soul healing and ground breaking MUST READ!!!

Julia pours her heart, mind, body and soul into this masterpiece. She peels back all the layers of herself, this realm and westren medicine. You will laugh, cry, embrace, inspire, ground and fill your soul with this book. Julia words flow on the page as elegantly as she dances. A leader in life, sisterhood and healing. She shows us that we have the power to heal ourselves inside and out, all you have to do is believe. The time is now, this is the book and love conquers all.

Kelly Weimer, CCA

She survived...

So inspiring. I was drawn in and a real page turner.

I was moved beyond words.

Nanette Beaulieu, B. Ed

Carole Trimble

Heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time. Julia’s experience is both heartbreaking and gripping at the same time. Her journey through the worst moment of her and her family’s lives is devastating. She literally rises from the ashes and is completely transformed. Reading about her tragic moment filled me with rage and I still can’t believe it to this day. Julia’s transformation afterwards is nothing short of a miracle. Buy this book, it will fill your soul. 

Cindy Freeman

Julia’s very emotional and raw experience to prove that life is full of second chances. The Universe always has our back even when we think we can’t bear it anymore. 

Julia’s inspiring story proves everything happens for a reason if we are willing to be open to the lessons the Universe has in store for us. I felt emotions I don’t normally feel when reading a memoir- happy, sad, crying, laughing. I especially love that Julia can speak from both a Western and Holistic perspective! Thank you for telling your story Julia. :)

Jenna Parker, RMT, CBP

This book is the ultimate story about changing something tragic and traumatic into something beautiful. Although many of us have not experienced events that are quite as life changing as Julia has, the lessons depicted by this book can apply to anyone. Julia has a talent of capturing and articulating her experiences and perspectives in a meaningful, relatable way. Throughout the book she expressed her vulnerability and struggles with her diagnosis but also personal growth and enlightenment. The most powerful message of this book, for me, was that we all have a purpose, and we will be exactly where we are supposed to be to fulfill that role.

Melody Penny, B.Sc, A.C.S.B.

It’s so surreal to read the depth of these stories that I’ve heard short, lighthearted snapshots of. I can’t put it down. Switching back and forth in the timeline is a captivating way to draw us in; I’m always hooked. The love you share with your family is palpable and effervescent...makes the reader feel like part of the cuddle, connected to the tribe, one of the characters just by witnessing your joyful details. This book is truly beautiful and I’m so glad to be reading it, so deeply proud to know you. I have to force myself to stop so I can function tomorrow or I’d just slam the whole thing tonight...thank you for the magical personal delivery, and thank you for being you.

Julia takes you to the core of her experience - raw, real and exposed. She has the courage to share her story of personal resurrection as she comes back to life in more ways than one. And in the retrieval of her own authentic voice, she bravely leads us to our own. You will not be able to put this book down!

Tammy Chammartin Owner, Aware House Books

Wow. I finished reading the book in one day, as many others claim to have. What an emotional and raw telling - Julia is a force. The Lily Nurse is a book that makes you feel all the raw emotion and experience that she felt. I can’t wait for more!

Heather Ramage, Educator Assistant

Once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down! Tears, smiles and disbelief were some of the emotions, as I read the heartfelt encounter of Julia’s life changing moment. Julia truly encompasses what it’s like to live life to the fullest, as she overcomes the obstacles hurled at her. Read about her journey as she navigates a path, that some would only expect to see in a movie! She fights to be heard and continues to love, laugh and find purpose and beauty in all that she does!

Louise Ernst, Owner of Paragon Funeral & Cremation Services.

The Lily Nurse is a deeply moving story of Julia Evans and the events that occur after her near-death experience. Written with love for her family and gratitude. It’s a blessing, read it and rejoice at her transformation!

Viviane Boisvert

Katie Murphy Balkwill