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Trust the Process…

Trusting the process has been one of the hardest things I have had to learn and accept. That message and quote is written throughout my book. I say it to my family, friends, clients and even to myself. But what does that mean... Trust the Process?

Why do many of us have a hard time with this statement? Trust the Process… Is it the trusting part, the process or the idea that we are not always in control?

I reflect on why I had a hard time with this the first time I heard these words formulated together.

I thought I liked control, or should I say, I liked the illusion of me having control within my life. I used to think I had control; I used to think I had control over everything within my life. It was an interesting belief and illusion that I gained over the years. I thought everything that happened within my life was due to the things that I could control, therefore to trust the process seemed outrageous because it allowed fate or something bigger than us to decide for us, and I felt uneasy about that. 

But it’s not about giving up control or allowing something or someone else to control what and how we live; it’s about knowing and accepting that we are walking a path and living our story and journey. Things happen for a reason. Even Carl Jung, a swiss psychologist, coined the concept of synchronicity and was quoted in the 1950’s, “Everything happens for a reason.” 

We experience things in our life that we need to experience and everything will run its course. There is a reason we have all of our experiences; for it is part of the journey to learn from. To learn of ourselves which inevitably will bring us to a balanced state and area of oneness, and if we don’t learn the first time, life will show us again and again until we understand, accept and learn what we need to learn. 

So, the control portion of this is that we don’t have control within the process of life, but we can handle what we are given by accepting and living in harmony, happiness and peace or deflecting and fighting, which only creates misery, struggle and unhappiness. 

Now the trusting part to this statement, trust the process… 

Thank you various internet dictionaries and google search for the word meaning of trust. Trust means: to believe in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of something, to have confidence, faith and hope. An example of trust is that things, your life or what you are experiencing will be better in the future. 

I personally have had a hard time trusting in the past, for I have had many challenges, traumas and obstacles within my life, and to instill trust within others, things and life was challenging to me; to truly believe that things will be better was a hard concept for me. 

Only after learning and accepting this statement, trust the process did I finally release myself from the fear of trust. Not everything in life is going to run smoothly, but life isn’t designed to destroy you, it's about living what we are meant to live and everything does run its course when we have experienced, learned, and accepted what it is we needed to live through in the moment; it’s about perspectives - light will shine through the darkness, even if you believe it won’t, the sun or another day will rise again; it’s the process and cycle of life. 

The process of life can often be challenging, but it can also be so beautiful. It’s all about perspectives. If we choose to think and view life’s process as a negative we will continue to stick in that way of thinking, but if we choose to trust the process and allow life to do its thing to teach and guide us to live the life we are meant to live, we will see the positive within our journey.

We are all trying to live life the best way we know how. Everything within our life has a process to go through and a course to run. Are you wanting to run through the process of life or walk and trust in the fact that everything really does happen for a reason. 

Do you trust this process exists?

Do you trust the process of life?

It’s our choice to trust the process of not,

It’s an individual's choice to accept the process or not

And even that choice is part of the process for you to learn from

So, the control, process and trust is just an illusion,

Everything is going to happen the way it needs to happen


I put this into my awareness and look at it through my perspective

I reflect and answer my questions

I choice not to fight against it

And just,

Trust the Process. 

What do you choose?

Comment below - I’d love to hear your thoughts


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