• Julia Evans

We are a product of our environment….

Everything has meaning within our environment. 

Everything in our environment is telling us something and trying to bring something into our awareness. There’s always something bigger than us listening and sending us messages - I tend not to name it, because I feel it would limit and deplete its power. Therefore, I just say, “something bigger than us.” 

You have the choice to call it what you will. For that’s the beauty of freewill. 

All of us within this world, this universe has a story and that story is unfolding for us to observe and live through - learning what we need to learn as we live our lives the best way we know how. Everything we experience and what’s within the environment has its own meaning and purpose for us. 

As I continue to create my blogs and share what l am seeing and learning from my environment, those of you will start seeing things being brought into your own awareness, things from your environment. Everything is energy, consciousness and has meaning; it comes to us like tiny little stories or metaphors helping us on our journey and path; guiding us to what we are meant to do and meant to be. 

I share my blogs, not to change your views or perspectives, but so I can write down what I am experiencing

To understand my world better.

And learn what is meant for me to be aware of. 

Believe it or not, everything happens for a reason and everything is created for us to understand and learn from our world - Everyone and everything has a story to its own unique existence. It’s not our duty or job to change others' experiences or to change others' existence, for all of us are in this together as one - we are all connected and part of everyone’s story, with our own twist and knowledge. Let’s not depict one another or tear others down for when we do, we are only doing it to ourselves. 


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