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Pause, Breathe and Be...

October 2, 2020

Pause, Breathe and Be...

Today is the beginning and end to a life that no longer holds true to me. It’s the growth of what I am meant to be - ME! 

I am taking this time to be present and breathe for me and my family; a lot has happened since my reboot/re-birth, the death of the old me and the awakening of the new. I haven’t taken the time to pause, breathe and be; so I am taking this time at my favourite time of year to do just that… Pause, Breathe and Be. 


Pause to be present with everything that is and has happened

Not worrying about the future 

Or fearing the past

Just pausing


Breathing it all in

Every moment, memory, emotion and thought that makes my heart sing

These are the ones - my family 

That create the life that holds true to me

 Making me feel peace, love, happiness and joy.

And then breathing out the things that I am ready to shift, change and heal from.

I am ready to for this to occur 

The time is now

I am ready


Be content and grateful for every blessing that has come into my life, 

Showing gratitude for the things that have been presented to me

To learn from and to grow.

As I take this time during October - I am putting back the pieces that need to stay with me and releasing and letting go of the things that no longer serve me, the things that no longer have a purpose to be attached to me or my life anymore. The pieces to my puzzle that I have learned from and now need to let go of, for we cannot hold onto everything, especially the things that caused ache in my heart and home. 

I do not need to be saved

Nor healed.

I just need to pause

Breathe and Be.

Just to see it all for myself

I am not in the dark

Nor the light.

I am just;

Just Being

True to me, myself and to my family.

I’ll be writing along the way and allowing my world to catch up for what is meant to happen. I’m allowing the blossoming of my future to occur naturally, and addressing, facing, acknowledging and understanding the life that is right for me.  

There are many things that are meant to come, but will not transpire if I don’t take this opportunity to be. Listening to the words that I write and say, it all holds true to me, all of me - Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul. 

Trust the process. 

Be, Breathe & Believe. 

Open your eyes Julia!

See what’s right in front of you

It’s always been there waiting for you to see.


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