• Julia Evans

For all of you suffering in silence....

(May 30, 2019 - World MS Day!)

For all of you suffering in silence....

You are not alone!! MS does not define us! I saw a shirt that says it all - MS: Made to Survive! We are true survivors of this invisible disease. Surviving each and every day - trying to stay strong, positive, even when we are weak and want to give up -  We keep going!

I like to think of it as MS: Made Strong!

I too have been in a place where I suffered in silence. The place of darkness, fear and pain. Having it consuming me; having it try to take me down. I’ve risen above it! Being strong and surviving yet another day. I have stepped out of my fear that tries to consume me. The fear I had for many years; it ate away at my inner core, making me dread what I feared the most - becoming a burden for my family. 

That fear was a mere illusion that I had created within my thoughts, for I was too scared to see me as me - beyond the box and label of MS. I thought that was all I was and ever will be, but the fact is I am more than my disease. Never was I seen as a burden within my family's eyes; I was their mother and wife, and everything in between;  I was still me, alive and here with them -  that’s all that matters.

As I rose above this debilitating disease, I stepped away from the fear and darkness in which it wanted me to stay. I came across a quote from Maya Angelou that ignited something within me, a thirst to live and I hold these words close to my heart….

My mission in life is not to merely survive, 

but to thrive, 

And to do so with some passion, 

Some compassion, 

Some humour 

and “fuck” yah, some style!!! 

I am still me, no matter what label, box or title I am given. I am more than my disease and I am going to thrive from what I have survived.   

Live beyond the fear. Step out of the shadows and into the light - you are worthy to be seen beyond your disease. We are all here for a reason and we are not alone, no matter what your fear is making you believe.


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