• Julia Evans

I’m Fine…

September 10, 2020

“Fine” or “I’m Fine…” I hate that word and that statement - the majority of the time it does not mean ‘Fine!’ No one ever uses it properly. It’s non-descriptive, no emotion to it, and it is often used to deflect the true emotion that someone is facing. It makes people turn a blind eye to the true emotion that the person saying it is actually feeling or facing.

Listen to the underlying tone to what is actually being said, or ask yourself when you said it, or when you hear someone else say this word or statement, “Is ‘Fine’ really what the meaning is? Or is it deflecting the attention to their underlying emotion?”

The underlying message tends to be, “I’m not good, I’m upset. Things are not okay!”

And sometimes…

It means, “Save Me!’ 

“Help Me”

“See Me, Hear Me”

“Support Me”

Think of the times you said “Fine!” or a time when it was directed to you. When you think back, is ‘Fine’ really what you were feeling or hearing at the time? Many of us tend to do this and many of us have heard these words. The time is now to be aware of the hidden message and meaning of the word ‘Fine’ - especially in this day and age when many people are struggling and trying to hide behind the illusion of ‘Fine’ 

We are not fine bone China - we are people with an array of emotions, happy, sad and everything in between. That’s what makes us human! And sometimes like fine bone china we break and are not ‘Fine’ 

As today is World Suicide Prevention Day

I bring you this message and meaning into your awareness, because you never know what a person is going through  - Take a moment and ask. 

For that person might be on the verge of destruction and cannot see past the pain and doesn’t want to burden anyone with their feelings. 

Be kind and compassionate.

For we all have a story and just want to be seen, heard, healthy, balanced and supported.

‘Fine’ is not as it seems 

Be aware!


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