• Julia Evans

First Full Moon of the month...

October 1, 2020 

First Full Moon of the month...

A time to release and let go of the things that no longer serve you, set your intentions as the light of the moon shines down on you - lighting a world beyond any darkness you are stuck in. 

Peak energy is among us - breathe, be and believe - view blessings and show gratitude for what has been presented to you. Celebrate how far you have come and manifest areas that will nourish the seeds you desire to blossom and grow them beyond your wildest dreams - you have the power to fulfill your truest potential.  

Be you. 

Be true. 

Release and Let Go 

Of the energy that holds you back and down.

What is it that suppresses your truest power to be?

Find it within

And acknowledge the potential to be who are 

meant to be

Trust in yourself

And the powerful force that you are

Your truest potential is there 

It’s there for the ones who are willing to accept

their fate and destiny

Nourish and harness the energy that surrounds you

 and that is within you

You don’t have to hold onto everything

Be kind to you and love yourself enough to be 


We are all worthy of the light, 

even in our darkest times

Take this opportunity to have the light and power of the moon help guide and nourish the energy you need to be

We can all have that connection to

 Light and Love

We are all energetic beings that can connect to

something more

You and everyone else are here for a reason and worthy of the light  - let your light shine for all to see. You have the power and the moons energy will help you nourish, release and let go of the things you need. 

Happy Full Moon Everyone 🌕


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