• Julia Evans

Fields of endless possibilities…

I was born and raised in the Land of the Living Skies; this spectacular view and environment of Saskatchewan, Canada is a place I call home - it’s a place where I can breathe, see beyond the horizon and dream bigger than I ever thought possible. 

As a child, I loved standing in the open fields, imagining being in a wondrous world beyond what was in front of me - a world that is connected to everything and everyone - in this realm and beyond. There’s a real beauty beyond any words I can articulate within these open prairies; it truly feels magical, endless and full of possibilities. 

This love I felt as a child standing amongst these fields, under the open sky has carried on into adulthood. I love taking a moment to pause and see beyond the horizon, expanding myself to the openness that surrounds me. In this space, I become one with the universe and the universe becomes one with me; this creates a break from the chaos of my everyday world and helps me understand there is more beyond the horizon.

This is only the beginning… I truly feel like I’m on the right path - I have listened to the universe and my doors not only opened but have become fields of endless possibilities. 

I am so grateful to be sharing my journey with all of you!

~ Blessed Be. We’re all here for a reason ~ 🦋


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