• Julia Evans

Done is better than perfect…

I’ve heard and read this line several times over the course of my writings and through the creation of my books, blogs and business. 

The first time I heard this, I had one hell of an ah-ha moment! 

“Done is better than perfect.” 

That made me look at the word perfect. Wow, Perfect! That’s a strong and debilitating word. It’s a word that automatically sets you up for failure. Think about it… Is there anything in this world that is: Perfect? All it creates is a world of flaws and errors and veers you further from a place of peace, happiness and joy. For it’s the imperfect ‘perfections’ that actually create something magical. Having a word, punctuation or sentence not perfect is not the end of the world - it’s only natural. 

Think of it a different way, instead of obsessing over the perfection of a piece, perhaps that imperfection is there or created for a reason. Perhaps it’s to send you a message or bring something into your awareness. 

For instance, the first imperfection that was pointed out for me to see after my book was published, printed and released was on the back of my book cover, more specifically on my short bio beside my author picture. I had written this bio very quickly and at first I was over thinking the whole thing trying to make it sound perfect, but this line popped into my mind again... Done is better than perfect. This was the last thing I had to write before handing my book over to my publisher and instead of trying to bombard myself with perfection, I just completed it and handed it over - it was done and I could move to the next phase. 

I could have written it and re-wrote it over and over again; which I did in the first place, but all that was doing was stirring up fear and making me write what wasn’t true in my heart; only putting what I thought others needed to read. I took this line to my heart, placed the last period and sent my book on it’s way. Trusting the process that it was what it needed to be and I gained the greatest feeling - it was done! I could release, let go and move forward to the next portion of my journey. 

So after everything was said and done, my book got published and printed for the world to see. That’s when my imperfection was pointed out by my auntie. She stated that I misspelled a word on the back of my book, my heart sank. She pointed to the line and read it out loud for me. 

Julia Evans, BScN, CBP, the women behind those piercing blue eyes,

My auntie points out and says aloud, “It should read, the woman, not the women.”

I quickly processed this in my mind and stated back, “Have you read my book yet?”

“No,” she responds. 

“Interesting… You should read my book, it’s actually there for a reason.” I reply, “After reading my book you’ll realize that there is more than one woman beyond those piercing blue eyes.” 

Now if I would have kept fretting and trying to make that bio ‘perfect’, I may have never gotten my book out or may have missed the message that was there waiting to be seen. 

There’s more beyond the words that are written within my book

If you haven’t already read

 The Lily Nurse; Rebooted/Re-birthed and Finding a New Path

I invite you to buy a copy and read it and the many messages it holds inside

All of the perfect imperfections.

And If you have read it, 

Try reading it again,

For there may be a message you missed or something you weren’t ready to see the first time. 

My message to you - nothing in life is ‘perfect’ or what we think or perceive as perfect, because the imperfections is what tells our story and when we are done with something and ready to release and let go, we are able to receive a bigger message, 

Done is better than perfect

Perfection comes from the imperfections 

And the shifts, healing and change

Can finally be unraveled and unburdened from you 

When you just say 

I’m done.


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