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Why the butterfly?

I often get asked, “Why the Butterfly?” 

I often get asked, “Why the Butterfly?” 

This image appears throughout my book: The Lily Nurse: Rebooted/Re-birthed and Finding a New Path; it appears at the beginning of every chapter and here is why....

Ever since I was three years old, after the day my mother died and passed to the next phase or dimension of her journey - a butterfly appeared in the times I needed her most. It’s her way to support me and send messages from a place where I am not ready to go. Showing me that she is always with me, protecting and loving me. She is always helping me along the way, showing me love and light from where she resides - “the other side.” 

I designed a tattoo for the small of my back when I was 15 years old, representing and reminding me that my mother’s love, light and spirit was within me and wanting to be shared with the world. I carried it with me every single day and had it permanently placed upon my body at age 21. To this day, the butterfly in many forms continues to show itself to me, and now, an additional new spirit totem appears since my near-death experience: that of a single white feather. It will float before me like it was dropped from an angel’s wing; apparating right before my eyes - reminding me that all the ones who have passed before me are supporting and loving me; wanting me to stay on the path I am meant to follow - the path to help others find their true healing potential, their voice, and their inner light and love.


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