Beyond Western Medicine

Works by gently, safely and effectively restoring the body’s innate ability to heal itself. The goal of the session is to bring every aspect of the body back into balance by re-aligning the communication between the body’s cells and systems. 


BodyTalk is a Holistic Healthcare System that finds the root cause which creates your pain, stress and dis-ease. Poor health is an indication that the body’s innate (natural) ability to heal itself is compromised due to imbalances caused by stressors from daily living. 


BodyTalk techniques provide insights to the areas that require attention. What seems like an obvious problem to you is not necessarily the one your body wants to address first; BodyTalk helps to address the priorities that are ready to shift, change and balance within your Body-Mind- Spirit complex - allowing you to step forth onto a new path of hope, and a balanced and healthy wellbeing.

Body Mind & Spirt

What is the priority within your body-mind-spirit complex?

Not sure of the answer or where to start?

All you know is something has to give

To get YOU back

Help you get out of the rut or unbalanced state of being you are in.


The time is now for a change to a healthier and balanced life.


You have the power to heal 


Your ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe


Are you ready to learn what your healing potential truly is

and step forth onto a new path,

Away from what causes dis-ease, stress and pain within your life? 


Bodytalk is the answer you have been looking for...

It helps find the root cause 

That has manifested your pain and stress

It addresses the areas that are ready to shift, change, and heal.

Re-aligning the communication and synchronizing the balance 

 within your body-mind-spirit complex once again


Are you ready for your shift and change today?


Book a BodyTalk session

 with Julia Evans

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Body Talk Sessions

60 Minute Sessions

In person at

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Travel to you - In person session available upon request

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BodyTalk Course include: 

(Mod 1&2)


Fundamentals Integration

Certified BodyTalk

Practitioner status 


Advanced BodyTalk Protocol and Procedures

(Mod 3)

Principles of Consciousness


(Mod 6)


(Mod 9)


(Mod 4/7)

(Mod 5)

Lymphatic Drainage & Applied Anatomy and Physiology

can create positive changes in energy levels, stress levels and overall balance and health

It looks at all areas and levels of healing

Physiological, biochemical, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual & environmental

Body Talk

Darcie Noyes

I cannot say enough good things about this treatment! I had such an amazing and palpable experience! Julia is a go-to BodyTalk practitioner and blows me away every time!


Although this treatment DEF DOES help physically, the energetic and emotional benefits were just as important!


During the session my body continually WEPT. The physical sensations of the energy moving was undeniable and it really was the BEST energetic session I have had in years! Thank goodness for Julia’s sensitivity because she was able to pick up on my resistance and really offered support and help!

Helena Morales, CBP, Reiki Master & Chartered Herbalist

As a BodyTalker myself, I love working with Julia. Her sessions are amazing and go really deep; she is highly intuitive. I get to clear out a lot of baggage with her. She has helped me grow as a person and she challenges me to keep growing and believing in myself. Julia has the biggest heart and most amazing outlook on life. If you want to know what else is possible, you definitely want to work with her!


I did a body talk session with Julia my summer going into my junior year of highschool. I did this session with Julia to help me with my anxiety. Before I went to the session I didn’t know what to expect. When I got to my session, Julia made me feel very comfortable and explained to me what she was going to do. The environment that Julia works in is very calming, welcoming and peaceful. During the session Julia told me things about myself that I didn’t even know. She explained to me why I was feeling the way I was. While I was at my session I felt very comfortable and I had never felt so calm. When I was leaving my session with Julia I had felt like there was a big weight lifted off my shoulders. Since my session with Julia I haven’t been as anxious and I feel more comfortable in situations I used to be very anxious about. 

Thank you Julia for helping me overcome my anxiety.

Kyle Bouvier, B.Sc. CBP & Owner of Back2Nature Wellness and Events

I have had several bodytalk sessions from Julia and each and every one has been eye opening, soul expanding and truly relevant to my experiences. Her intuitive abilities and knowledge of the mind-body connection has helped me overcome many difficulties and dis-ease within my body and being. She has always been there to listen and I appreciate this so much about her, and her ability to connect on a spiritual level. Also, her ability to connect with spiritual beings allows her to access information that is imperative in a session, and has always brought so much comfort.

Screen Shot 2020-08-24 at 9.24.37 PM.png

Julia Evans' background is... Western Medicine. She has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and was a practicing acute care RN for over a decade. Only after years of suffering with Multiple Sclerosis, and being faced with a traumatic near-death experience did she finally and truly open her heart and mind towards the notion of holistic healing and energy medicine. Her beliefs transformed. 


Julia immersed herself into BodyTalk, searching for a better understanding of it. This modality has fuelled her passion and interest towards a journey of self healing and the ability to help others. It gave her a new perspective on what “healing” is. For your body’s ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe. Healing is not about fixing anything. It’s about remembering the wholeness that has been inside all along. Balancing, synchronizing, and re-aligning the communication within. This knowledge and understanding allows Julia to be a better BodyTalk Practitioner for her clients - advocating for their own personal healing journey.


As Julia broadened her knowledge, and grew a better understanding of the essence of BodyTalk, she realized the true value of it: the simplicity within the complexity of this system. It is an incredible asset within Healthcare. The foundation and premise of the BodyTalk System is the presence of innate wisdom which allows the body remarkable ability to “heal” itself, through observation and care.


So after many years of defining patients and herself by a disease, illness or symptom, She is able to view a person as a whole. To focus on the priorities of what each individual needs to heal. We are all whole-individuals with our own unique experiences. She’s learned through BodyTalk, that those experiences should not be overlooked. There’s value and wisdom on what comes up and an endless world of possibilities, beyond symptoms. Finding the root cause by addressing the whole-person and their unique story.

Julia has successfully completed:

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Registered Nurse

Community Health, Maternal and Child, Gastroenterology, Palliative and Bereavement Care,  Gertiatric, Trauma, Educator & more...


Julia is an Influencer for Change and combines knowledge from both western and holistic healing into her practice - Allowing for deeper shifts and changes for each individual. 


Julia Evans is a registered member and is in good standing with SRNA, IBA and NHPC