Julia Evans the person and author behind the story, the journey and title The Lily Nurse: Rebooted/Re-birthed and Finding a New Path - has stepped out of the shadows and lifted herself back to the light, now helping others believe in miracles again.
Julia Evans' background is in western medicine; she has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and is a Registered Nurse for over a decade.
Only after years of suffering with Multiple Sclerosis and being faced with a traumatic near-death experience did she finally and truly open her heart and mind towards the notion of holistic healing and energy medicine.
As Julia immersed herself into learning about what she believed to be a new age form of healing, she began searching for an understanding of what it is and what she is actually capable of.
She found a modality that really spoke to her and through that became a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner. This modality fuelled her passion and interest towards a journey of self healing and the ability to help others find their missing voice within themselves - to help find the root cause and underlying components that hold people back from truly healing. It gave her a new perspective on what "healing" is.
As she continues to broaden her knowledge and develop an even better understanding of the essence of BodyTalk, she now is able to view a person as a whole and focus on the priorities of what each individual needs to heal instead of defining them by their illness or disease.
Julia Evans is the loving mother of two, and lives in the Land of the Living Skies and always has her eyes on the horizon, to endless possibilities.
Immerse yourself in the story, and find what your true healing potential is.
We all have a story and just want to be seen, heard, healthy, balanced and supported. There is power to heal when we have been heard. Let's empower one another and make a change 

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